Saveurs du Monde takes pride in its International Buffet, featuring delectable food from around the world. Our stations are set up to take your senses on a journey of gastronomic discovery; it begins with the teasing airiness of our cold entrees and salads, just enough to whet your appetite. Then, the sushi live station sends your head swimming with a rush of freshness, taste and texture. Just as you get used to the fresh sensation the hot stations set your taste buds on fire with a wide variety of delicious flavors that carry you away. To top it all off, our specialized barbecue brings you home to a perfect finish in a blaze of smoky goodness.

If you fancy something more traditional, our Oriental Menu will evoke familiar tastes as your senses dance among the colorful variety of our Mezza. How better to celebrate coming together the good old fashioned way?

The Seated Menu is as classical as it gets. You can customize your menu from a wide selection of fancy delights that are sure to make your event a classy affair. No matter how high your expectations, we always turn them into reality to make sure your guests are duly impressed!

As for the soon to be brides and grooms, “Saveurs du monde” knows how special this time is for you and that you need something just as special to make it unforgettable. Our experts are always available to help you pull off your dream wedding!

As if that wasn’t enough, an open Desserts Buffet always follows our menus, buffets and Mezza, our own little way of putting the cherry on top of the cake. At Saveurs du Monde, we’re never done providing your palate with new savory experiences!


Our Cuisine

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